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Michel Soyer

Michel Soyer

President, culture, lifestyle, international

His book: Label France Mode d’Emploi

Michel Soyer is International Public Relations. His experience in major advertising agencies, promotion, public relations, director of major international cultural events, organization of events has made him a man of networks, culture and influence.

William Perkins

William Perkins

A communications mogul

William Perkins is the founder of a new profession that brings together all the usual communication techniques. The highly publicized former boss of WXP Communication, builder of La Villadalésia and Capital Events.

As one can say of a great cook, William Perkins has a sense of “appetizer”. He knows more than anyone that the key to success in his job is tailor-made scenarios and staging, but also hard-hitting formulas. And nothing else.

Rixa von Oldenburg

HH Duchess Rixa von Oldenburg, co-creator of the Bal de Paris, signs her return to the city of light with her line of fashion accessories, including bags, gloves and perfume.

Helena Mora

Show business journalist, author, editor of Passion Magazine.