The beautiful story

OF  international public relations.

Desire to please, desire for glory, since 2015, MARQUISE INVEST has been making COMPANIES and their clients dream in France and in many countries, in the modernized tradition of the French art of living that the world has always copied, in the main universes complementary to luxury, culture, gastronomy, cinema, contemporary art, modern art, business real estate, industry. China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Monaco, France and other countries are the playgrounds of our customers.

Emotion in the public, Companies, States, NGOs, Associations, Unions, private events, in their development projects, CSR, their programs, their discoveries, we assist them in the implementation, useful contacts, the search for investors, the management of celebrities, the beauty of the content of their traditional, digital and audiovisual media.

Experience of meetings, we know how to create prestigious Major Events for this (Le Bal de Paris, le Bal de la Riviera, le Bal Blanc, charity galas for large structures, Paris Arty-Show), we participate with our customers in many international events, lead our Clubs (Go East Business Club, France-China Filmmakers Club) also participate in many other Circles and Clubs in their activities.

Recognized commitment of Michel Soyer, he is known internationally as the “Party Director”, he signed the creation of very beautiful private parties in the aristocracy and the business world, where one crosses the mirror with emotion, like Alice , in Wonderland.